Guide to Core Concepts

Recall the four domains of CyberIR@MIT :

  • Cyber-IR Domain, defined as the intersection of international relations and cyberspace and consists of the key layers of the Internet and the levels of analysis in international relations – and their intersection.
  • Governance & Institutions, represents the supportive properties and mechanisms that buttress the Cyber-IR reality. These mechanisms of governance are designed to stabilize societies.
  • Conflict & War, captures the multiple pressures and threats that can result in social damage & fundamental destruction.
  • Cybersecurity & Sustainability capture cyber-driven threats, modes of response & their various features, as well as the support for & threats to system stability & resilience over time.

Recall the four dimensions for each domain.

This guide presents the ontology at high levels of aggregation for each of four system-domains. This view highlights only the first and second levels of the concept hierarchy for each domain beyond the basic dimension definition.

Click on one of the domains below for the high-level content of the integrated knowledge system. 


Domain II: Governance & InstitutionsDomain I: Cyber-IR System Domain IV: Cybersecurity & SustainabilityDomain II: Conflict & War

See also Knowledge Architecture .